Taking a short break.


Due to the weather disaster going on here in Houston and greater Houston areas, I will be taking a break from blogging until things get back on track. My house is safe and dry for now. However, sadly, my parents did not fare too well during the storms last night and it is still raining. After the weather clears, we will be helping them get their house under control from the flooding, so we may have our hands full.

Houstonians, please be patient. The storm is far from being over. We are expecting more rain to come through Wednesday. Do not watch the weather channel, they will scare anyone out of their pants. Here is a reliable non-hype news source:



Having said that, things are looking pretty grim. I am praying for all my family and friends who are flooded in. For the people I know personally who have already had to be rescued. MRE’s aren’t the best tasting meals,  but at least there is food and shelter. I am sending my love to you ALL.

If your home is taking in water, shut off power via breaker box. Elevate yourself above the water if possible, and use wood to shut off. Excessive water be extremely cautious and use a 2×4 to hit the breaker.
DO NOT go into the attic if water is rising in your home unless you have an ax to break through the roof, get onto your roof instead!
Only call 911 or 713-884-3131 if your life is at risk!
National Guard/Coast Gaurd being deployed: 713-578-3000 if you need rescue.
These are other EMERGENCY NUMBERS in Houston
• City of Houston (Emergencies)
311 or 713-837-0311

• FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

• Harris County

• Office of Emergency Management

• Houston American Red Cross

• Flood Control

• Houston TranStar (Transportation and Emergency Services)

• USCG: 281-464-4854 if not try 55 or 56!

•HCSO dispatch 713-221-6000, option 6 until you get thru


***if you do not live near the Houston area and want to help, please follow this link ANY and ALL help is appreciated.


In good faith,



Remember to be kind to yourself and if you or someone close to you is in serious distress or simply needs to talk to someone, please call the national suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or text 741741.



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