Thankful Tuesday (it’s the little things)

magic sign
This sign was posted outside a gas station in Friendswood after the hurricane and it made me smile. I took this photo from R’s truck, while we were waiting at a stop light.

August is over and we are now nearly halfway through September! Is that right? Honestly, I am still trying to process everything that has happened leading in to autumn of this year. With Harvey slamming the  Texas- Louisiana gulf coast and then Irma obliterating the Caribbean and severely damaging parts of Puerto Rico and Florida, our president making the choices he has made with DACA, and my daughter starting school on September 11th because Harvey threw us all off course…. (that was an interesting discussion, having to explain to her why she can’t go around joyfully saying, “It’s September 11th! I have been waiting for this day!!” I had to explain WHY people were so somber on the 11th. So fun, especially after a fucking hurricane.)

Deep breaths. 

You know it’s just been a lot. We were very lucky with Harvey. My little family in our little 600 square foot mobile home were just fine. No flooding. But the emotional toll that this storm took was astounding. It was also very eye opening. I learned so much. For example, my parents got about 3 or 4 feet of water on their lowest floor inside their home. Mom didn’t complain once.

She kept saying how grateful she was to have such a large house to be able to move safely to another floor. She kept bragging on her children because we all were so insistent to help her clean out the muck. She was never concerned about herself, always asking about how everyone else was doing even though her own home had it’s own damages to be dealt with.

In essence, she taught me perspective. Someone could always have it worse. She also taught me patience, “everything always has a way of working out.” I knew these things before, but I didn’t know them in my heart yet. And it’s nice to have that reminder.

It was also interesting to see how many people came together to help. My husband and I helped out as much as we could over at mom’s and then again with extended family. I’ve been volunteering my laundry machine to anyone who needs their clothes washed. If someone needed food, or whatever else R and I would do just as much as we could, as much as we can. It’s STILL going. The recovery of this storm will take years, I am sure. Its just interesting to see all of my friends kind of band together during this and forget their shopping sprees or concerts or whatever else and just offer their help, or support, or a shoulder to lean on. It’s just incredible. We are so lucky.  I sure am proud of our state, that’s for sure!

What kills me is now Florida, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean all have to deal with this, too. Mexico also has to rebuild. California, Oregon, Northern Idaho, Montana… it’s just devastating how much our world is shifting. Even over seas in southern Asia, with India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. It is just devastating. All of it.

So, I’m taking each day slowly. And when things get to be too much, I think about all the little things that make me happy or that I am grateful for. Today, I’m just going to share those things with you. If you’d like to list a few of your favorite things, please feel free to leave a comment. Sometimes, it helps to focus on the little things, because eventually the little things become big things and that is how we keep our momentum going during the rough times. Keep your head up, guys! We got this.


  • the minty fresh feeling I get every time I brush my teeth, but especially at night right before bed. There is nothing like falling into bed with a minty fresh mouth.
  • My daughter and her little quirks, like when she gives me that big goofy grin to show off her missing teeth.
  • My husband for his patience and endurance. This man wakes up around 5 o’clock each day and has been working over time, only to come home and assist with not only our family but other families in need who have been affected by the storm.
  • Washing my hair with my new hair care routine. NOTHING beats a good long shower after a long day of work.
  • Chamomile tea with agave nectar, a splash of almond milk, and cinnamon. I normally hate cinnamon but this combination is fantastic.
  • Church and how my pastor in particular has brought the congregation together during this time. I am re reading the Bible and learning something new every time I read it.
  • My daughter’s teacher for putting her students first despite being flooded in. She went above and beyond to text all her students to make sure they were alright.
  • My family. Mom, dad, brother, sisters, nieces and nephews. It’s nice to give them all a squeeze whenever we can.
  • Friendship! Being able to talk about my favorite band with Hunter, or sending Rapunzel ghost stories that I find intriguing, (speak of the devil, she JUST texted me a comic book cover that is..educational. We will leave it at that!) Skyping with M and giggling about everything you could imagine.Those little escapes are necessary!
  • My big fat pain in the ass furry cat. I just love her to bits, even though she demands more attention than I did when I was a child, which was a LOT. And she is just as dramatic.
  • lavender essential oil for just about everything


Anyway, that’s what I’ve got for today.

I’ll try to get back to normal soon. Promise, promise.






Remember to be kind to yourself and if you or someone close to you is in serious distress or simply needs to talk to someone, please call the national suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255 or text 741741.



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