Bath time writing…

Douse me in water as the shrouds of comfort envelop my soul. Sweet scented bliss leaves me unhinged on the cusp of an awakening. The end of the year is here. Reflect on all the things that have happened. A thought is only tangible on the other side of the mirror. Release the pain and begin anew. All things come to an end but with resolve, we don’t have to…


Let’s work our muscles and push fourth like we have never done before. Our hearts know the score as we are entwined in a lovers embrace. Sewing the threads of our life together. Untangle this knotted mess that has left me so forlorn. I have worked so hard to find some comfort in the candle light. Please let it burn. Don’t put me out.

The oil and insense blow their whispering caress in the midnight air. Where are you? Break and release, be kind to yourself and be kind to me, too. Please don’t forget that I love you.

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