Taking a break

Sorry guys there won’t be a blog until further notice…

I went to the ER last week on 2/6 due to signifigant pain in my Right shoulder and Right side along with nausea and vomiting.

We aren’t sure what’s wrong yet bc mt labs and CT and Ultrasound all came back fine. I was sent home with a diagnosis of biliary colic but they Think my liver could be affected too and want me to follow up with a GI doctor. My appointment is Friday but I am unsure of how long it’ll take to feel back to normal.

But the days are long and very painful. I spend most of my time sleeping and basic tasks like cleaning and cooking are unthinkable right now.

I am exhausted. Everything hurts. It feels like a white hot iron bar was shoved under my right shoulder blade and that it’s poking out of my right side just underneath my ribcage. Sometimes the pain is bearable. Most of the time it is staggering. I look normal on the outside but my insides are screaming.

Ugh. Anyway if you pray or meditate or chant or send out good vibes, I could use them.

For now I am headed to bed. I am exhausted from a long day of resting and staying awake long enough to eat some toast.



P.S. happy (early) valentines day!!! We got my kiddo this random stuff that she will love: a fuzzy journal, starburst reds, red heart shaped christmas lights, stick on fake nails, hand sanitizer, a stuffed animal, and a valentines themed bucket for her to store all her nick nacks.

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