Where have I been?

Well, it has been a full month since my last “post” (the one where I said I was taking a break)

I don’t want to neglect my blog. It is such a part of my spirit to write, but honestly everything is harder than it should be right now. 

To make a very long story short, on February 6th I went to the ER due to severe abdominal pains, right shoulder pain, nausea,  and vomiting. The nurses and staff thought it was my gallbladder despite my images coming back with no visible blockages.

I followed up with a gastrointerologist, who wanted me to do a special scan (HIDA scan) where they put dye in my body and see if my gallbladder is working properly. I also got blood work done (after eating a huge steak and then throwing up after the meal because I was so sick that I couldn’t keep the food down properly) to see if I was anemic, be


cause I had been experiencing fatigue for quite some time. The HIDA scan was nothing short of intense. I had to lay on a table (the one I was on was in the room next door) and hold totally still for 3 hours while they took images of my gallbladder. It was painful and exhausting. They had to strap me in using the black straps you see on the table so that I wouldn’t move or fall off. Basically, the day was LONG and terribly uncomfortable. My results are “inconclusive” because my gallbladder does work, it just doesn’t work “as well as it should,” but they don’t want to perform the surgery to remove it unless absolutely necessary.

My blood work yielded more results, though! My ferritin (anemia) levels are at 6ng /mL. According to my doctor, my levels should be at least a 30 ng/mL and according to google, ” the typical ranges are: 20 to 500 nanograms per milliliter in men. 20 to 200 nanograms per milliliter in women.” So, I am ridiculously anemic but I can’t take supplements yet because my next diagnostic testing procedure is on the 20th and everything has to be “clear” for the images to work properly and iron supplements make it hard for the endoscope to “see.” (ugh) I was promised that by my follow up on the 29th, I should be able to start taking iron supplements though, thank goodness!


So, where have I been? Mostly, I have been asleep. I spend most of my days sleeping because I literally can’t stay awake. Sometimes I get lucky and can stay awake for about 5 hours before I crash again. It is challenging. Today, I had lunch with my mom and my daughter because it’s spring break for us, and as soon as I finished eating, we walked to the car. By the time I got to the car, I told my mom to hurry and take us home because I was feeling so sick to my stomach. I barely made it to the bathroom in time. Everything hurts. My shoulder, my side, my stomach, it hurts to poop, it hurts to do chores. I am honestly not complaining, but merely being factual about what the fuck is going on right now.

Anyway, that’s the short version of what is going on with me and why I haven’t posted as much. I’ll leave you with this funny story, though!


So, at the ER they gave me morphine because I was in so much pain. I was really, really out of it. I wanted my husband to turn the over head lights off and turn on this lamp for “ambiance,” (what the fuck? LOL) The lamp was merely there for show. It wasn’t plugged in and it didn’t have a bulb. Well, according to my husband, I was very upset that this lamp was not fulfilling it’s purpose. I was ranting and raving about how ER’s need better ambiance with quilts and fuzzy socks and warm lighting. I am not sure what I was thinking, but it struck me as odd for a lamp to be in the ER in the first place, but for it to not be plugged in or have a bulb, it’s like… why bother?!


Anyway, that’s what I’ve got for now. Sorry to be so lame. When I am feeling better, I will get back to my usual posts about motivation, health, adoption, and good vibes. ❤



Love to you all,



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