An attempt at “thank you…”

So, I am not sure if you have noticed or not, but I have been hiding a lot when it comes to Social Media. I may comment or “like,” here or there, but I have been drifting in my own little world for a few months.
That’s the thing about pain; it has it’s own agenda. I can make plans one day and the next be nearly falling over from the deep ache inside my body.
Without revealing too much, I have been pretty fucking sick since February. First we thought it was one thing, then another doctor said it was another. I went to the ER, the gastroenterologist, the gynecologist, my regular doctor… I was told that my pain was because of my weight. I was told that my pain didn’t exist and to put a heating pad on if I was hurting terribly.
Fed up, I reached out to my dear friend Pamela Valentine. Pam has worked with me in the past, she was one of my RN’s when I worked as a nurse aide back in the day. She was actually one of my strongest confidants when I was pregnant at 21, and terrified. Pam has always been there to offer support, advice, or just be a genuine fucking friend.
So, I called her. There is no other word for femininity at it’s strongest, besides maybe the depiction of “being a badass,” but, that’s Pam. She is a wildling whose heart thrums on the widest beaches and whose soul can jive in the most crowded cities. She is kind, strong willed, and has the most compassionate heart. She is willing to See things for what they are, and while that may be the Mother’s gift to Pam, here on this realm, Pam knows just exactly how to celebrate it.
Pam gave me advice, peace of mind, and offered to send me “some teas.” I came home from a busy day (with a fucking painful ear ache and upset stomach) to the best package in the world. This is more than tea. This is wisdom, healing, relaxation, and blessings. This is the surface of a friendship that I hold so fucking dear to my heart, I just had to put it into some sort of words….
A “thank you,” to Pam isn’t enough. Now, it is my mission to do well. To get stronger, to heal, to get better. Pam is nothing if not thorough, and in her methodical approach, there is the whisper of inspiration.
Well, I’m going to listen. I’m going to call back to the wind and show the world what happens when it storms….I’m ready to fight back now.
Thank you, Pamela, from the bottom of my heart. You are such a beautiful soul. I couldn’t just let this go without attempting to say thank you. ❤

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